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Darsh | Chandigarh

Darsh Aggarwal started his journey in 2019 as an Alumni and Development intern at Woodstock school. He helped organise several large scale events to cater the needs various age groups, inciting a spark in him. Darsh is also a successful entrepreneur and this is his second venture where he is following his passion to organise concerts and events. 

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Vyan | Delhi

Vyan's expertise in marketing allows him to effectively promote our events and engage with our audience, ensuring that every event is a success. His passion for cars also gives him a unique perspective on design and aesthetics, which he incorporates into his work to create visually stunning and engaging marketing materials.

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Neil | Jalandhar

Neil is a fashion-forward concert organizer with a talent for creating unique and unforgettable events. He has a passion for music and is known for his ability to unite performers and audiences. When he's not working, he enjoys exploring the latest fashion trends and attending parties.

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