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Behind the Scenes: How We Curate Exceptional Concert Experiences

At 21 smth, we’re more than just event organizers; we’re curators of unforgettable experiences. But what exactly goes into crafting these exceptional concert experiences? Let’s go behind the scenes to understand the careful planning, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail that goes into every concert we organize.

Planning Phase:

Long before the lights dim and the music starts, our planning phase kicks off. It starts with understanding our audience and their preferences. We then move to booking the right talent – a process that requires not just contacts but also an understanding of the music industry and an eye for what’s trending.

Designing the Experience:

Once we've selected the artists, we begin to craft the concert's overall narrative. Neil, our creative visionary, focuses on designing immersive experiences. This includes everything from the set design and lighting to the visuals on the screens. Every element is meticulously planned to tell a story and create an atmosphere that heightens the impact of the music.

Managing Logistics:

Meanwhile, Darsh oversees the logistical aspects. This includes ensuring the smooth operation of the concert, coordinating with vendors, managing the schedules, and handling any unexpected issues that arise. This role requires exceptional organizational skills and a deep understanding of event management.

Promoting the Event:

While the planning and design process is underway, Vyan spearheads the promotional activities. Leveraging various marketing channels, Vyan ensures that the concert reaches its intended audience and creates a buzz. This involves a blend of traditional and digital marketing strategies, tailored to the event and its target audience.

The Big Day:

On the day of the concert, all these threads come together. Our team is on the ground, making sure everything runs smoothly. Despite the months of planning, each concert has its unpredictable moments. But, these unexpected hiccups are part of the thrill of live events, and our experienced team is always ready to handle them, ensuring that the audience enjoys a seamless and unforgettable concert experience.


Organizing a concert is a complex endeavor that requires a perfect blend of planning, creativity, and execution. At 21 smth, we are proud of the work we put into each event, from the early planning stages to the final encore. It's a labor of love, and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing our hard work come to fruition as our attendees lose themselves in the music and the experience. As we always say - we're not just hosting events; we're creating unforgettable memories and lasting impressions.

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