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Making Waves: How 21 smth is Changing the Concert Landscape in IndiA

In recent years, the concert landscape in India has been undergoing a significant transformation, with larger audiences, international artists, and more sophisticated production. At the forefront of this change is 21 smth, a concert and event agency committed to delivering unique and memorable experiences. In this blog, we'll take a look at how 21 smth is making waves in the Indian concert scene.

Bringing Global Talent to India:

One of the ways 21 smth is changing the concert landscape is by bringing global talent to India. With our extensive industry connections, we've been able to host performances by some of the biggest names in music, giving Indian audiences a chance to experience world-class concerts without leaving the country.

Creating Immersive Experiences:

Beyond the talent, we're also raising the bar when it comes to concert experiences. With our focus on detail, creativity, and immersive environments, our concerts are not just about the music - they're about the entire experience. From state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems to innovative stage designs, we're pushing the boundaries of what a concert can be.

Promoting Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

At 21 smth, we understand that our responsibility goes beyond just organizing concerts. We're committed to promoting sustainability in our operations and reducing our carbon footprint. We're also dedicated to supporting local communities and promoting diversity and inclusivity in all our events. In this way, we're not just changing the concert landscape, but also contributing positively to our society and our planet.

Future Vision:

As we look to the future, our vision is clear - to become the premier name in organizing and producing the biggest and most exciting concerts in India. We aim to consistently deliver high-quality events that not only meet but exceed expectations. We're excited about the future and the opportunity to continue to innovate, inspire, and make waves in the concert industry in India.


21 smth is more than just a concert and event agency - we're a catalyst for change in the Indian concert landscape. We're committed to bringing world-class talent and experiences to Indian audiences, all while promoting sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that by staying true to our values and consistently delivering high-quality events, we can change the face of concerts in India and create a legacy of unforgettable experiences.

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